How to Remove Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 Completely?(Step by Step Removal Guide)

What is Backdoor.Trojan.LH2?

Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 is a very harmful Trojan that does a great deal of unexpected activities on the installed computers. According to many computer users complain, it has been detecting in many users’ PC in Windows 7, Windows8, Windows Vista and Windows XP recently. Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 may perform a number of actions on the infected computers. It immediately makes some changes on system files and injects a code onto legitimate system processes. So the affected computers start running slow and prevent you from completing normal, everyday activities.

Whats more, Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 creates harmful extension that are actually of no use. These are just to cover system space and to slower down performance speed to the extreme. This very threat disables task manager, turn off firewall and stops functioning of installed security program which actually invites harmful paraistes to invade victimized computer and ruins system badly. This not only infects internal programs but also deletes so many stored data files, documents and folders. With such threat, you may also go through worst browsing experience and there will risk over your confidential informations which may get stolen anytime when infected with such threat. So, you need to take proper action regarding the protection of your Windows computer and must remove Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 quickly when detected.

Harmful Traits of Backdoor.Trojan.LH2

1, Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 can attack your PC seriously.
2, this Trojan can modify the settings of the system in the background.
3, it can add new files and registry or other features which will attack the PC seriously.
4, this infection can show many annoying pop-ups and redirections if you open your internet browsers to search something.
5, it will introduce other infections on the target computer.

How to Remove Backdoor.Trojan.LH2?

▼Solution 1: Remove Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 by removal tool SpyHunter.(Recommend)

Step 1: Download and launch SpyHunter on your PC.
Step 2: have a fully scan for computer system to find out all related suspicious threats.
Step 3: remove all sponsored processes from infected computer.

▼Solution 2: Delete Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 by manual.

Step 1: Navigate PC to Safe Mode with networking.
Step 2: Close all related sponsored programs.
Step 3: Find out all hidden files or folders relevant to the Trojan, then remove them from PC.
Step 4: Eliminate unsafe registry entries from Registry Editor.


Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 is a hazardous Trojan horse that is capable of helping hackers to collect valuable information from the infected computers and monitor users’ online activities. It can bypass the detection through disabling your antivirus program in order to perform its malicious activities on the infected computer. It is able to make modification to the system settings and Windows Registry, then you will have to face many different kinds of problems. You have no choice but to remove this nasty Trojan from your computer to avoid further problems and damages. Follow the removal steps mentioned above to get rid of Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 permanently from your PC.

Important Note: If you have sufficient computer expertise and malware removal experience, you can follow the manual removal instructions to get rid of the Trojan horse in a few minutes. But if you are a novice user, you should not try the manual removal because any wrong operations could cause serious system damage. To safely and effectively get rid of Backdoor.Trojan.LH2, we highly recommend you to use a professional removal tool to detect all the malicious files of the Trojan horse and then remove them from your computer automatically.

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