How to Completely Remove Trojan.Agent.AI?(Easy Uninstall Tutorials)

What is Trojan.Agent.AI?

Trojan.Agent.AI is defined as a Trojan horse virus created by hackers to steal the computer user’s personal information. It even can help the hackers to remote into and control the infected computer. People from all over the world now use computers everywhere. In order to share and acquire information, they need to connect the computer to the Internet. The virus spread widely through the Internet. There are many viruses being created every day, so we should develop good surfing habits if we want to keep your computer clean.

Besides, this infection may lead to blue screen of death and system data loss. This Trojan horse can deeply root in your system and download malicious files or programs automatically. You may be unaware of invasion of this Trojan horse, for your computer doesn’t show weird problems at the very beginning of the infection. However, after a while, you will find that your computer runs slower and slower, since many system resources are consumed by the Trojan horse and other malicious programs. Those malicious programs may include adware, spyware and worm. You may find that some personal files disappear and some unknown files appear. Trojan.Agent.AI can make other threats to attack your computer with ease, for the Trojan horse can open a backdoor for them. What’s worse, with the help of this Trojan horse, the hackers will be able to spy activities on your computer remotely and even steal your important information for illicit purposes. So, you need to get rid of Trojan.Agent.AI from your infected PC as quickly as possible.

Harms Cused by Trojan.Agent.AI

1.It can slow down your computer performance like it will take you more time to launch the normal program stored on your computer.
2.Operate on your computer backdoor to invite more malware to come to compromise your computer.
3.Monitor on your computer backdoor and may steal your personal information.
4.Unexplained system crash or blue screen.

If you have unfortunately infected by this malicious Trojan.Agent.AI virus, we have to deal with the program files, processes, dll files and registry entries, and it is suggested to update your antivirus or windows firewall frequently to avoid being infected by the similar infection. You are welcome to follow the removal guide listed below:

How to Remove Trojan.Agent.AI?

▼Solution 1: Remove Trojan.Agent.AI by removal tool SpyHunter.(Recommend)

Step 1: Download and launch SpyHunter on your PC.
Step 2: have a fully scan for computer system to find out all related suspicious threats.
Step 3: remove all sponsored processes from infected computer.

▼Solution 2: Delete Trojan.Agent.AI by manual.

Step 1: Navigate PC to Safe Mode with networking.
Step 2: Close all related sponsored programs.
Step 3: Find out all hidden files or folders relevant to the Trojan, then remove them from PC.
Step 4: Eliminate unsafe registry entries from Registry Editor.


Trojan.Agent.AI is a malicious computer threat that can install itself on your computer system without your awareness. Once installed, it will make your computer work abnormally and slowly. To make things worse, the Trojan can help cyber criminals invade your infected computer to steal your important information. Therefore, it is highly recommended to remove it as quickly as possible.

Important Note: If you have sufficient computer expertise and malware removal experience, you can follow the manual removal instructions to get rid of the Trojan horse in a few minutes. But if you are a novice user, you should not try the manual removal because any wrong operations could cause serious system damage. To safely and effectively get rid of Trojan.Agent.AI, we highly recommend you to use a professional removal tool to detect all the malicious files of the Trojan horse and then remove them from your computer automatically.

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