CryptLocker.B Removal Guide – Completely Remove CryptLocker.B From Your System

What is CryptLocker.B?

CryptLocker.B a rather dangerous and nasty Trojan horse that is similar to other Trojans. It brings constant trouble on the affected computer once infected. It can target Windows operating system, including Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 8. It has infected with thousands of computer recently. It gets into the targeted computers though various channels, such as spam emails, attachments, suspicious links, unreliable websites, social networks, etc. Then it carries out a number of baleful activities in the background. It drops lots of harmful codes to your registry to enable it run automatically as soon you start your Windows. It is able to connect to the remote attackers and help them get full access to your computer. It may change your desktop background image and add lots of new icons and shortcuts to your screen for no reason.

It is a dangerous Trojan horse that posts a big threat to the Windows-based computers all over the world. Once infected, it is able to duplicate itself with random name in order to secretly perform lots of spiteful activities in the background. What’s worse, it has the ability to gather the important data stored on your computer and then upload them to the remote server. Your sensitive information such as email address, phone number, usernames, passwords, and credit card details will be stolen by cyber criminals to obtain illegal profits. To protect your computer and privacy, do not hesitate to take action to remove CryptLocker.B completely from your PC as soon as possible.

How CryptLocker.B Comes Inside Your Computer System?

1.It may be bundled with some free applications downloaded from the Internet.
2.It may be brought with other kinds of computer threats.
3.It will root and hide deep in the system.
4.It may hide in some unfamiliar web sites.
5.It may come all of a sudden if you share some corrupt files with others, browse some illegal contents, click some unknown links or Internet pop ups.

How to Remove CryptLocker.B?

▼Solution 1: Remove CryptLocker.B by SpyHunter Tool.(Recommend)

Step 1: Download and launch SpyHunter on your PC.
Step 2: have a fully scan for computer system to find out all related suspicious threats.
Step 3: remove all sponsored processes from infected computer.

▼Solution 2: Delete CryptLocker.B by manual.

Step 1: Navigate PC to Safe Mode with networking.
Step 2: Close all related sponsored programs.
Step 3: Find out all hidden files or folders relevant to the Trojan, then remove them from PC.
Step 4: Eliminate unsafe registry entries from Registry Editor.


CryptLocker.B can expose your computer to kinds of threats by making use of the network vulnerabilities. For example, it will cause many unexpected problems including freezing up, file missing, executable programs disabled and etc. This Trojan is able to redirect your search result to some suspicious websites. This is why you may find that your default homepage and browser settings are just changed randomly. In fact it is created for allowing remote access to the infected computer by cyber criminals to collect privacy information for commercial use.

Friendly Tips: Before performing manual removal, ensure you have backed up your Windows in case of data loss. It may lead to irreparable system damage if you make any mistake during the process. It is highly recommended to download an advanced removal tool to help you delete CryptLocker.B effectively – SpyHunter. It has the ability to perform a full scan of your system and delete the infection automatically with just a few clicks of the mouse. In addition, it can speed up your PC performance by removing junk files, duplicate files and invalid registry entries. Click on the below button to download it and run it on your computer.

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